Experienced & Dedicated. Competitive & Knowledgeable.

Onda Travel has been providing personalised, competitve and professional travel services for over 30 years.

Our in-depth knowledge and experience and our great working relationship with the airlines comes in to play when you book with us!

With a dedicated and friendly team, we are confident we can cater for all your travel needs at the best possible price.

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Why Onda Travel?

Onda Travel has been providing personalised, competitive and professional travel services for over 30 years.

Providing you a simple and affordable journey experience are our highest priorities.

With our in-depth experience and knowledge, we constantly strive to offer our customers great travel deals with a focus on service.

We are always here to assist our customers in making their travel plan simple, affordable, pleasant and hassle-free.

We aim to make your journey as memorable as possible.

Your full satisfaction is one of our primary objectives.